In the beautiful and peaceful surrounding of Port Buffalo in the island of Evia,
we have organised a 50 hours YACEP CE®  teachers training course with the intention of offering you a week of full immersive yoga practice and study
within a restorative and fun seaside life experience.

The breathtaking location of Evia Silence Hotel is the perfect place for you to enjoy this 7 days yoga lessons and workshops: the shala is fully equipped and spacious with glass walls overlooking the bay of Port Buffalo and just few steps from the crystal turquoise water.

The days will be filled with yoga practice and lectures, starting early morning with sunrise meditations, as well as with restorative activities that will make you feel like you never want to leave.


? Enchanting sunrise and sunset meditations
? Vitalizing Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga classes
? Restorative Hatha yoga and gentle flow yoga classes
? Intensive workshops where the subjects of the course are deeply approached, including teaching techniques, alignment and student teaching practice
? 2 delightful vegetarian traditional Greek and international meals a day
? Free drinkable bottled water, an evening snack such as fruit or toast or tortilla & tea,
? Daily leisure time to rest, swim, sunbathing, enjoy water activities or explore the charming Evia island
? 6 nights of accommodation


The course has been created in order to offer the opportunity to all yoga teachers to enhance their skills in teaching, with particular attention to the corrections and the adjustments that the students need while they perform asanas and pranayama, through a correct verbalization and the correct use of the hands on the body and the props.

More and more modern yoga is focusing on dynamic sequences (vinyasa) where too many times students are just left on their own following the indications of the teachers without knowing exactly what to do while they are supposed to perform an asana. And this is because unfortunately many teachers have been formed in the same way and if they have to deal with young, strong and flexible students the problem doesn’t arise, but when there are students with particular issues or just aged the needs of this kind of preparation and confidence is very important.

In this 50 hours yacep course we will focus our intentions in developing your capacity of using your hands and body to correctly align your student’s bodies, especially the spine, and also in deepening your consciousness in using a correct verbalization while explaining the asanas and the corrections that the they are supposed to do by themselves. A deep analysis of the principles and of the philosophy behind the practical aspect of yoga is an absolute milestone in our methodology and it will be underlined constantly during the whole course.



07:30 – 09:30 Asana practice, meditation and pranayama

09:30 – 11:30 Brunch

11:30 – 13:30 Practicing Techniques, Alignment and Adjustment workshop

13:30 – 16:30 Siesta, leisure time

16:30 – 18:30 Teaching methodology, students leading lessons

18:30 – 19:30 Yoga Philosophy, Pranayama, Meditations

19:30 – Dinner and rest

The Yoga Resort

Evia Silence is just two and a half hours from Athens international airport, tucked away in the mountains of Greece’s beautiful Evia island (Greece’s second largest island) overlooking the Porto Buffalo Bay coastline and the crystal clear Euboean sea.
All of their welcoming accommodations include kitchen and cooking essentials, balconies with a vast view of the neighboring sea, air conditioning, and flat-screen televisions. All rooms are designed in accordance with the commitment to provide a calming retreat from the stresses of city life.

Just a one minute walk from your door to the sea, “Evia Silence” provide accessible docks for swimming and sun bathing. They also neighbor an array of beautiful trails and small roads that are perfect for anyone looking to jog, trek, or venture into the wilderness of the mountainside.

Useful Information

Arrival & Departure

Arrival: Saturday, 10 August 2019
Departure: Friday, 16 August 2019

Languages spoken

English, Italian, Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian

  • The nearest airport is El.Venizelos(168km-2h 45mins)​
  • A bigger village is “Zarakes”. Distance 21Km – 25mins by car(mini market with almost everything!, some traditional Greek taverns, meat store, bakery, drug store, basic health care)
  • The nearest big town is “Aliveri”
  • A nice nearby bay is “Almiropotamos”. 20 Km – 20 min by car (mini markets, traditional Greek taverns etc)

Meet the Teachers

Simone Matellicani Fenizi

Simone lives and works in Rome, Italy, and has more than 15 years of experience as a Hatha yoga teacher. Constantly maintaining yoga workshops and yoga courses, he has practiced Iyengar yoga for more than 20 years and thus his main focus is the correct placement of each part of the body in order to develop awareness of alignment while performing asana. He is following the teachings of his Guru Maharishi Nagaraj Suryanarayana Pande who initiated him to Transcendental Meditation and to Raja Yoga. His classes are challenging both for the body and for the mind!

Marina Antonieva

Marina is a yoga devotee, easy-going and peaceful nature and animal lover. Recognizing the spiritual, mental and emotional benefits of regular, devoted yoga practice, it came natural to her to dedicate her being to the discipline of yoga. Currently Marina lives in Skopje, Macedonia, where she owns her yoga studio and frequently conducts yoga workshops, courses and yoga teacher training. Her personal practice is dedicated to the Ashtanga method, while her lessons are according to the mobility, the strength, as well as her student’s body and mind flexibility.

Prices and Application

Resort - Shared triple room
€ 790
per person
Room facilities
Kitchen and cooking essentials
Balcony with a vast view of the neighboring sea
Air conditioning
Flat-screen TV
Free Wi-Fi
Room cleaning
Coffee / Tea
Private bathroom
Resort - Shared double room
€ 860
per person
Room facilities
Kitchen and cooking essentials
Balcony with a vast view of the neighboring sea
Air conditioning
Flat-screen TV
Free Wi-Fi
Room cleaning
Coffee / Tea
Private bathroom
Resort - Single room
€ 1090
per person
Room facilities
Kitchen and cooking essentials
Balcony with a vast view of the neighboring sea
Air conditioning
Flat-screen TV
Free Wi-Fi
Room cleaning
Coffee / Tea
Private bathroom
What’s included:

6 nights accommodation
Half board vegetarian nutrition (breakfast and dinner),
Free drinkable bottled water for participants,
Evening snack such as fruit or tost or tortilla & tea.

Yoga Alliance® Continuing Education certificate,
12 Yoga classes, morning & evening
5 workshops covering alignment, mindfulness and more
5 Vinyasa yoga sessions, daily sunrise and sunset meditation

Private access beach with sun loungers, crystal clear waters for swimming
Enough free time every day to enjoy the beach, with optional water activities available and walk/hike excursions.
Yoga mats are provided but feel free to bring your own

What’s not included:

Return flights to Athens
Transfers between Athens Airport and Evia Silence – We can arrange taxi or a minibus transfers for you for an extra fee depending on group size.

Each day is specially organized in order to incorporate the following qualities:

RECEPTIVITY is also translated as correct understanding and it should be the first quality of a student;
HUMILITY is the mind predisposition to assimilate the correct understanding (Ishvara pranidhana);
PERSEVERANCE is the continuous effort needed in the practice (Tapas);
COURAGE to challenge yourself and to overcome your weakness and to give up your ego;
SINCERITY is about facing the truth (Satya);
EQUALITY means also non violence (Ahimsa);
PROGRESS is the result of the work done.

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