About our yoga school


Altruism, friendship, love, benevolence; Maitri is a concept that define a form of love without attachment. Cultivating altruistic behavior towards oneself and all living beings is one of the main goals and benefits of practicing yoga with a meditative attitude and awareness.

Maitri also describes a mental and spiritual union that occurs when two or more people are synchronized on the same wavelength, sharing the same path; thus, Maitri Yoga – Citizen Association for Yoga and Spiritual Development. This is our intention, this is our path.

Our sankalpa is to create a community of beings involved in the spiritual path of yoga, as well as those who are interested in improving the quality of their overall well-being of body mind and spirit.

Besides daily yoga lessons, our yoga school regularly organizes yoga workshops, teacher training and yoga retreats in Europe.

Maitri Yoga is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance® and meets the standards of Yoga Alliance®. Students that complete our verified Teacher Training Course have the right to apply to Yoga Alliance® as Registered Yoga Teachers (RYTs).


6 Reasons to Practice Yoga at Our Studio


Complete embracement of the differences that make each of us unique, making it possible for everyone to be as they are. Faultless. This is the foundation of our yoga practice and teaching.


Cultivating an attitude of Abhyasa, dedicated self-practice through the perpetual process of metamorphosis, enables us to support and motivate you in your personal effort, required to change old habits and thinking patterns which doesn’t suite you any longer.


Replacing unconscious thought patterns and behavior with new, healthier patterns that are supporting a better life, takes time. To attain this purpose of self-transformation, we cherish the practice of patience. For ourselves as for our students.


Maitri as I principle can be described as the mental union that takes place when two or more people are on the same wavelength. We create the circumstances for a community of people devoted to the yoga path to arise.


In order to commit to a Yoga practice continuously and auspiciously, we emphasize the philosophy behind its practical disciplines and to the practice and techniques encompassing its theories.


Some Teachers say Yoga is 99% practice, 1% theory. Others indicate the three golden rules to achieve self realization: the first is Practice, the second is Practice, the third is Practice! So what are you waiting for!

Our Dharma

Our Dharma

Wholeheartedly dedication in pursuing our truest calling, serving other beings in the universe by doing what we have been bestowed to do in this life form.

Our Sankalpa

Our Sankalpa

Emancipate ourselves from the accumulated limitations and conditions of who and what we are, for the purpose of reaching the source of pure joy and bliss, where our soul resides.

Our Principles

Our Principles

Nonviolence, truthfulness, compassion and kindness are the values that we cultivate here at Maitri Yoga, sharing them with our students, trying to improve everyday as human being.