Lectures from Mysore

by Guruji Nagaraj Suryanarayan Pande


These are the recordings me and Marina took from the visit we paid to our Guruji when we went to study with him in Mysore in the months of February and August of 2018. I hope this work will help us and others to keep his teaching alive and actual.

In His blessed memory

Appendix 1 – June 2016


“…conscious layer is itself divine, spiritual layer is bio-layer, bio energy and this physical body it is matter…now we are going to do yoga to bring some santity, some more refindness, more brilliance in this system {…} we have to sublimate our mind towards consciousness, it should be very cute, we should become very smart…that’s what the practice is…when it becomes capable to understand the divinity, that day yoga finishes…when it understands the Creator and majestic in the Creator, that day the goal of yoga has served. This is the practice. Day by day you go on practicing and you will get that light within you, it will be brighter, brighter, brighter, one day the brightest you’ll meet! That is called enlightenment! That happened to me in 1990, 26 years ago…that will happened to you also if you practice in a proper way…that way i am going to teach you…what to do. These are interesting talks.

In Cosmos also, like ways matter is there…all hills, mountains, rivers, this plan land…everything is matter, made of atoms…the atmosphere is made of  matter, made of atoms, the all waters and what creates t is matter…but there is also universal mind… it is lying hidden underwood energies, chemical energies are there, many energies are there…we call them outer gas, outer energies…all these outer gas they sprout from this inner energy that we call Adi Parashakti: one mother energy is there and from this mother energy everything sprouts. It sprouts in to nine branches: one is electricity, one is heat, one is magnetism, one is chemical energy, one is gravitation, one is bio-energy, one is atomic energy, mechanical energy, kinetic energy. All these sprout from Adi Parashakti…{…} worshipping a God has no use…understanding a God is useful. Without understanding God don’t worship him! Worshipping the divinity in us it has no use…it is not for worshipping it is for utilization! like a flask it is used to keep water, not to be worshipped…utilize it, understand it! everything is there, analyze it first, observe it first, observation is needed…{…}


Many things are there in life we need to conserve them, a sacred potential we have to conserve…that we have to conserve through meditation and systematic yoga: yama, nyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, darana, dyana, samadi…this makes you a strong, stable and conscious man…full awareness…{…} everything cannot be understood by ordinary man…art, science, economics…but if one man is meditating and he reaches the climax of yoga than he understand everything, he becomes encyclopedic {…}

To observe the Self…all practices are there…like a television…people are seeing the television from outside, they are not thinking how this television is functioning…they are seeing what it is showing, this is not knowing the way this tv is functioning, if you want to understand television you have to understand basic functions of electronics, how all those things are coming through a little wire…images, sounds…then you have to go to a tv shop and meet the shop owner, asking how this tv is functioning, please just tell me…he will tell you ‘i don’t know! i sit here to sell tv only, i want profit! I’m investing some money and I’m selling TVs…out of selling I am getting some profit. For that profit I’m working here.’ Again you ask him ‘i want to know how this TV works!’. Then he will say you ‘one man i’ve got inside my shop, whatever TV I am selling if they are not working properly, he will fix them. Go and ask him. I will permit you to meet him, you go to that fellow and ask him! The engineer, who is working inside the shop he will answer your question. Because he is a TV repair, he knows how to repair the TV. All the TV functions, ask him, how this TV is functioning!’. He has studied that, how the TV function…he is not interested in the programs that the TV is broadcasting. The science of the television we want here, that’s is his subject, how the TV works. To mend a TV, after learning all this, you have to turn the TV opposite to you, that the monitor will be opposite side, we will have to mend the TV back side only. You have to bring a mirror and you have to keep that mirror in front of that monitor; the reflection of that monitor you have to see in that mirror and whatever mistakes you see in that mirror you have to mend them here, from the back side of the TV. This is the process. And the watcher of the TV and the repairer of the TV they both are different. Who is superior in this, the TV watcher or the TV mender? The technicians! Yogis are the technicians of this unit. For the others we call them laymen…

Who knows the complete unit and its details is called yogi. To study the Self we have to do yoga, to study the divinity you have to do yoga, to study the cosmos you have to do yoga.

Three types of enlightenment are there: Self realization, Cosmic realization, Divine realization! {…}

This is also a philosophy called scienze, scientific philosophy. This consume six years circulation, with intensity you have to practice. Within six years you can become enlightened surly, if you are way up practices, continuous and you are doing it intensively surely you will get enlightened.

Appendix 2…    about prana


[…]Again I will tell you, from the starting. Prana has got different meanings in different layers, there are three strata in this universe, three phases, there are three dimensions in it. First is materialistic. Second is spiritual strata: it has got energies, energetic layer; spiritual is also energy ,but conscious energy; and third one is divine layer, that is the creator of them both. […]

In this three strata prana has got different meaning: in materialistic strata it is just Oxygen gas, that’s all. We call it prana vayu ; you keep an empty can small can or big can, prana comes and fills it.

All are practicing wrongly because they don’t know the real meaning of prana.

So in this materialistic layer prana is just Oxygen gas, no more than that. By consuming this Oxygen in second strata (this spiritual body, this has got spirit also, without spirit this is also a piece of furniture, this is not more than tridimensional, there is spirit so we are alive), in life strata, prana has got different meaning: the difference is this unit inhaling that prana and the output of edibles, it converts it in glucose and glucose plus Oxygen makes a fusion, in that fusion the energy converts into temperature. That temperature this body maintains, 98.4 F° (36.8 c° ndt). That is called metabolism. In corps also there is prana because the breath enters and it goes fills the lungs and it stops, no exhaling, only inhaling ceases, that is death. Nobody is there to return the breath…the receiver who is receiving inhaling is not responding means he is dead. In dead men also prana is there because it is global, it is everywhere. So in spiritual layer first eligibility of prana  is metabolic activity. Whatever you eat the system converts those edibles into glucose and that glucose burns with the help of Oxygen, in this fusion calories emerge. By those calories you can work, you can pull, push, walk, run, jump, you can see, smell, you can listen, you can talk, you can do many things…for all these energies metabolic fulfillment is there. By doing all these works some parts work more some parts work less so this fatigue happens partially; if you are educate your brain works more, not limbs, so it needs nourishment. If you are a farmer your limbs work more, less brain, likeways shortages are different per different men, so second eligibility is anabolic activity. It distributes the calories, proteins, carbohydrates, fat, minerals, vitamins, accordingly; where there is shortage it fulfils that, where there is abundance it will not supply that.

In spiritual layer these three eligibilities; third one, after consuming all potential from edibles and Oxygen, some unwanted garbage remains inside. To eliminate that unwanted garbage another faculty is needed: we call it catabolic function. So anabolic, metabolic and catabolic these privileges are called spiritual prana. Pertents the spirit, spirit is in fourth dimension. All solid world, liquid world, gastric world is in three dimension, spirit is in fourth dimension.

In divine layer the meaning of prana is different. In divine layer only two things are there: first one is sluggishness, second one is dynamism. God is inertia. He doesn’t do anything. He just results, evolution it takes and cash it…akarma.

Pure consciousness, that is pure soul what we call God, it is not breathing. whoever they are breathing one fine day it has to die, this is compulsory. God is immortal because he never breathes. So prana, the meaning of prana doesn’t apply to God. So is only for the ones who struggle that apply the meaning of prana? ah, so for dynamism only prana is, human layer. So what dynamism is? Dynamism is he is creating energies only, this spirit is an energy created by God only. That dynamism whatever divinity  is providing is called prana in divine layer, there is no necessity of Oxygen to divine layer. In materialistic layer there is no use of Oxygen,  any dead thing cannot use Oxygen; in spiritual field only Oxygen is consumed by spirits; in divine layer there is dynamism and inertia, there also Oxygen is no use. So basically prana applys, has a meaning to only what creates life, to survey prana is needed, survival. This body will not become rotten because of prana. [14.15]

We do pranayama to improve the faculties in metabolic activity, anabolic activity and catabolic activity. Are you doing it correctly? Are those qualities improving? You have to measure that, you have to observe, you have to watch.

If you are futile in doing it will be of no use. If you are doing it you have to get some benefit out of it.

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