Simone Matellicani Fenizi

Hatha Yoga Teacher

Simone Matellicani Fenizi lives and works in Rome, Italy, and has more than 15 years of experience as a Hatha yoga teacher. While in Mysore he met his hatha yoga teacher Srinath Bulsundra, who introduced him into a more dynamic, but not less aware and conscious, approach to asana practice. The spiritual aspect of yoga is an essential part of his lectures. He regularly visits India, where he upgrades himself as a person above all, and then as a yoga teacher. He is following the teachings of his Guru Maharishi Nagaraj Suryanarayana Pande who initiated him to Transcendental Meditation and to Raja Yoga.
His classes are challenging both for the body and for the mind!

He completed his Yoga Teacher Training at Nirvana Yoga Shala, Yoga and Meditation School in Mysore, India, after which he obtained his certificate of advanced level of Hatha Yoga teacher.

Constantly maintaining yoga workshops and yoga courses, he has practiced Iyengar yoga for more than 20 years and thus his main focus is the correct placement of each part of the body in order to develop awareness of alignment while performing asana, using auxiliary props to allow his students to minimize the risks of injuries and to maximize the benefits of the practice.