Swami Deva Arhato

Tantra Yoga Teacher
#100, 3rd ‘A’ Main Road, Gokulam 2nd Stage
+91 98866 47772

Swami Deva Arhato ( Shashi ) a Yogi , tantrica and  shaman., Since his childhood days he was more interested in Spiritual practices particularly Hatha Yoga , Vedas , Upanishads then academic studies. In 2006 he  started “ Mystic School “ which is renamed as “Nirvana Yoga Shala” where under his spiritual guidance the center offers Ashtanga Yoga TTC, Hatha Yoga TTC, Tantra Yoga TTC , regular classes of Ashtanga, Hatha, Pranayama, Meditations, Reiki and Munay ki Healing, Singing bowls healing, Past life regression sessions and training. “Nirvana Yoga Shala “ main aim is to help spiritual seekers work simultaneously on Body,Mind,Emotion and spiritual center for multidimensional expansion of Human conciseness .

At the age of 16 his mother sudden death created deep desire to understand the meaning of life, and started searching for authentic school and spiritual masters. He started Practicing Osho Meditations at the age of 20 and simultaneously started practicing Japanese Karate and obtained Black belt in Karate at the age 26. At the age of 27 he resigned his job and started traveling to different ashrams in Himalaya where he visited Many Tantric and Yogic ashrams to deepen his knowledge. He spent one year in Osho Ashram, Puna learning Osho Therapies,Meditations , Taichi and Body work ( Massage ). He took Sanyas at Osho Ashram On Oct 28 – 2000 where he was initiated in to the path Meditations renamed his family given name to Swami Deva Arhato which simply means “ Divine Witnesser ”

He started Ashtanga Practice with B.N.S. Iyangar at Parkala Mutt and started a Center in Gokulam ,Mysore  where he was teaching massage , Meditations and teaching Hatha Yoga. He was also deeply influenced by Russian Mystic G.I. Gurdjieff. He got  trained in Akashic records Journey , Past life regression, Munay ki , Tantric Pulsation breath work , Bardo- How to die consciously and many more Occult practices.