Love it!

“Dynamic lessons, with calming, soothing approach, making you feel very serene and completely relaxed”

Pleasure for All Senses

“Beautiful energy and positive vibrations throughout the lessons. Amazing teachers. Slowly getting comfortable with the Vinyasa practice..”

Great Atmosphere

“Exceptional Yoga Teachers and great atmosphere during the lessons”

The Best Part of My Day!

“Mauris accumsan nulla vel diam. Sed in lacus ut enim adipiscing aliquet. Nulla venenatis. In pede mi, aliquet sit amet, euismod in, auctor ut, ligula. Aliquam dapibus tincidunt metus.”

Love Your Classes

“Moments filled with joy, grace and above all, a deep knowledge from real instructors.”

The Best Part of My Day!

“In just three months after I started practicing yoga I felt more focused and filled with energy all day long. During the yoga lessons, all stress from the working day turns into incredible positive energy. Marina Antonieva is the most devoted and patient person – ideal for a yoga teacher. I warmly recommend Maitri Yoga to everyone who want to devote time to their own physical and spiritual well-being”